PMSII Property News – December 2017

Looking at the “Home Building Boom” in Costa Del Sol

Campbell D Ferguson, F.R.I.C.S. Chartered Surveyor, and Partner at Survey Spain looks at the uprise in home construction in Costa Del Sol and its impacts. “But even if the market cycle is healthy this time around, booms never last forever, so “build quickly and get final payments from the buyers”, is my advice to the constructors, developers and financiers in the business today.” Read more. 

Year End Spanish Property Sales Forecast

2017 will close with home sales up 20% according to estimates from the valuation and appraisal company Euroval in the 13th edition of their Property Market Report. Most sales continue to take place in Andalusia with 18% of the total. Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia follow and along with Andalusia, represent almost 65% of all property sales in Spain. Read more.

Info for Non-Resident Income Tax for Spanish Property Owners

Important read for current and prospective investors in Spanish property. Lawyer Raymond Nesbitt provides a year-end recap of of the taxes non-resident landlords are liable for on owning and renting out property in Spain. Read more.