PMSII Property News – January 2018

Foreign demand for property in Andalusia: Key numbers  (Q3 2017)

Looking into the key behaviours of foreign buyers in 2017. Foreign buyers were 14% of the market in Andalusia in Q3 2017, but 30% of the market in Malaga province. In terms of spending, Granada, Malaga, and Almeria led the way in popularity. Read more to see the charts and graph data. Read more. 

Spain Overtakes US as World’s Second Biggest Tourist Destination

In 2017 Spain the world’s second most popular tourism destination overtaking the United States of America. With 82 million tourists in 2017 alone, Spain has consolidated an impressive track record in the hospitality industry. British occupy the first spot with over 18 million tourists. Germany occupies the second position with 11.4 million and France comes third with almost 7 million. Read more. 

Spanish House Prices Expected to Rise 6% in 2018

The Madrid region will see the highest increase with a 10.8% rise, followed by Castilla y León with an 8% increase and the Canaries with 7.7%. Catalonia, once the market leader, will slow down to a 4.9% rise due to political tension. Nationwide, property prices will go up by 6.1% in 2018,  the fifth consecutive year of increases. This forecast comes from IPE’s 25th edition of their Property Outlook report, reported in the Spanish financial daily Expansión. Read more.