PMSII Property News – Spring 2018

Looking at the Costa del Sol Building Boom 

Is the current building boom in Costa del Sol sustainable? How are the prices of homes faring? Are we in the midst of a property bubble? Looking into how buyers should respond to the current market in Costa Del Sol and what builders can do to avoid over-supply. Read more.  

Brexit’s Impact on British Demand for Spanish Property

What impact has the British referendum result to leave the EU had on British demand for Spanish property since June 2016? The British continue to represent the largest group of foreign buyers of Spanish property – almost doubling the next biggest group – the French. Read on for a data breakdown of buying behaviours in the market. Read more.

Spanish Property Price Data – April 2018

Beatriz Toribio, the head of research at the Spanish property portal Fotocasa, recently said she expects Spanish house prices to rise in 2018, as new homes increasingly take centre stage. Toribio explained that there is also strong demand from investors, who, in the context of low mortgage interest rates, are drawn to returns from buy-to-let properties. Read more.